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Fumitake "TAKE" Igarashi

Fumitake developed a strong background of music based on innumerable performances, recordings and touring as the Keyboardist. Known for his cutting edge style, fusing hard hitting-electronics with cinematic sensibilities he has scored global campaigns for mega-brands including Google, Sony, Audi, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and LG. One of his works, “Samurai in Brazil” (Nissin) TV spot has hit 14 million views on YouTube. Sequels have hit 4 and 2.7 million views as of 2018. His remix work, “Pac-Man Evolution”, has more than 4.2 views as of 2018. 

Fumitake’s productions are also featured daily on various networks and shows (e.g. Fox, NBC, CBS, CW, Sci-fi, HGTV, Oxygen network) around the world.

Aside from his advertising work Fumitake has also had success in production and dance music. He has co-produced songs that have charted number one in weekly sales in Japan and writes pop/dance songs under the pseudonym “Xisco”. 

by Mike.D (MIKED)

Keyboardist / Composer

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